A NYE toast of Raspberries in Champagne Jelly

New Year’s Eve and what a way to bring in 2018 ~ a new Blog and my very first post. Wow!

Hope everyone had a fabulous night and here’s wishing that good times lie ahead for us all.

The last day of 2017 was a chilled one. For me, relaxing with family and friends at home, surrounded by festive  jollity, is a welcome antidote to those busy nights out, full of jostle, in the run up to the festivities.

On then to a family party (within walking distance ~ always a bonus) where I enjoyed  my first ever home made jelly ~ my sister’s take on Delia Smith’s ‘Terrine of Summer Fruits’

Over the past couple of weeks, we’d had several discussions about the recipe ~ the use of powdered (Delia’s own preference) versus leaf gelatine, combinations of fruit, possible substitutions for the pink rose wine, not to mention the setting of the terrine itself.

She’d had 2 trial runs, refining it both times  until it finally met her expectations, and sliced with admirable precision.

But like all recipes, the Law of Sod can rear it’s ugly head at the most inconvenient of times, and despite her previous endeavours, the third attempt for her NYE’s celebration, didn’t set quite as firmly as she’d come to expect ~ however, it mattered NOT.

When dessert was announced, rather than neat slices of terrine studded with fruit, we were presented with the most gorgeous, little glistening heaps of wobbly jelly, that made the  raspberrries pop inside their retro cocktail glasses ~ all rather fitting for NYE  and so refreshing after the over indulgences of the festive period.  Fabulous!

And one of my resolutions for the coming year? To make that Summer Terrine!

Cheers  Mary x

The recipe for her ‘Terrine of Summer Fruits’ comes from Delia’s Summer Collection