New Year, new… ventures?

So here I am, putting pen to paper again (and now post). This is starting to feel like it’s part of my routine now, does that mean I’m halfway to becoming a blogger?! Probably not!

As I sit here on the balcony of my apartment in Murcia watching the sunset, I think it’s time to firm up some of the ideas that have been going around in my head, and finally set some goals for the upcoming year.

This is something I do every year, as most people do, so I guess I’m not alone and no surprise, the annual resolutions seem to be all too familiar, whichever the year – eat healthier, meditate, go to the gym, learn a new language… but this year I have no excuse for failing to learn Spanish. I’m living in this lovely city, and have been for the past six months, so it would be rude not to! Apart from being able to order the correct pizza toppings I fancy, it’s the third most spoken language in the world – this speaks for itself.

Keeping a diary is never something I’ve had a problem doing. In fact, I’ve kept a diary for as long as I can remember. And to help me start the year afresh, is my brand spanking new diary from my mum, all clean and empty ready to be filled with different scrawlings and ideas. This year, I want to use it to plan ahead more, make more to-do lists and feel generally prepared for what the future holds.

“new lessons

new opportunities

new memories”

25 before 25. This is something I’ve only really just heard about – have I been living under a rock? That aside, considering I turn 25 this June, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to create one of these lists. Instead, I think I’ll make a few “Things to do before you’re 30” to give myself a few long-term goals. Any suggestions? Whether or not I complete them all, that doesn’t matter, as long as I have a bit of focus and a laugh, I’ll be happy!

And, as far as 2018 is concerned, it’s a time for new beginnings and a time to be excited!

Elizabeth xx