Pleated Skirts – a first for me…

Seriously though, pleats in any form, be it a dress or skirt, are a particular style that seem to have passed me by, until now that is! I’ve never once owned a pleated skirt, yet alone a striped one, and all of a sudden I now have two sitting in my wardrobe.

The first, a bold, black, red and white striped number, I spied back in March, in one of my weekly trips to the popular Spanish store, Stradivarious.




Those who believe Spain is warm all year round, sorry to break it to you, but it was freezing here in Murcia until mid May! So, this mid-calf skirt was perfect to team up with big, baggy jumpers and my black worker boots – a favourite look of mine. I literally pair them with everything – a wee throwback to my student days in Leeds, when I used to walk miles in them.

“These boots

were made

for walkin’…”

Now that it’s warmer though, I can swap these out for something a little lighter like my Adidas trainers – together with a simple t-shirt, it’s a casual look but still makes for a stylish combo. Stepping out in this skirt, I never feel under-dressed when I go for a bite to eat, after finishing teaching for the day.

And, who amongst us girls doesn´t want, NEED even, a couple of staple pieces like this in their wardrobe? Simple items that can take you through the working day, and then off to a bar or two for a couple of after work drinks. YERSSSSS

Now. Onto my second addition, this time, a skirt from Zara, whose pink and turquoise stripes shout SUMMER from the rooftops. I do love pieces that are versatile –



my Mum calls them. Clothes that can bridge the seasons by taking me through a warm spring, into an even hotter summer. BOSS! And this one fits the bill perfectly with this bright pink Primark jumper.

“Give us a twirl”

Loving this skirt is easy – knife edge pleats that fall away from the waist to just below the knee. Elegant but flirty at the same time, and just right for that dressy occasion, when teamed up with a pair of heels and some dangly earrings.

“Who doesn’t love pastels for Summer?”

One thing that I did find though, was that it took a couple of visits to various shops before I found the perfect top to complete my outfit … I could’ve chosen a simple pink cami, or turquoise top, but hey ho, I thought I’d go with something completely contrasting – a simple, black, Bardot crop-top from Topshop. The puffy sleeves add a bit of character and help to balance out the floatiness of the skirt. What’s more, I love this type of off the shoulder neckline, I think it looks so elegant and flattering, especially in Summer.

With the British summer well and truly underway, and a lovely family Christening to attend, I paired this outfit with a summery pair of block sandals from Matalan, and a sparkly Zara bag for the finishing touch.

Well, I think with these two striped numbers, my summer wardrobe is well and truly underway. Here’s to finding fabulous finds in the fashion world…

Thanks for stopping by, would love to hear your thoughts,

Elizabeth (aka Snippets) xx


  1. Lynn Dalrymple says:

    You are looking fabulous Liz and with a figure like yours any thing you wore would look amazing xx

    1. admin says:

      Such kind comments, Lynn!! Hope you and the family are all well xx

  2. Your skirts are gorgeous! The second one is my favorite though I’d rock both of them easily. I’m also a huge fan of boots with skirts and dresses. My black boots are a staple for me.

    Also, I’m Lyz as well. Nice to meet you. ☺

    1. Mary Edge says:

      Thank you! I’m really loving them at the moment. The boots add a chic-ness to any outfit I think, and me too, love them even more with dresses. Nice to meet you too, thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Fun post!! I had a wardrobe of pleated skirts when I was young (probably before you were born!!). Glad to see the comeback– this looks beautiful on you! Love your photos and your humor. Fun to find your blog!

    1. Mary Edge says:

      I would love to see your originals! It’s a lovely fashion statement, so classy. I’m glad you liked it, thank you very much!

  4. I like the skirt and the different combinations you did 😍

    1. Mary Edge says:

      Thank you very much!! xx

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