A not-so-secret waterfall in Murcia

With the countdown well and truly on for my move back to Liverpool, the panic phase has kicked in – so many things that I want to do here in Murcia and now I haven’t got the time! Where’s the past year gone? Does life pass you by like this?! Only two minutes ago I was packing my bag and setting off on my next adventure, and now it’s all coming to an end. But still, as my dad’s wise words say,

“You have to turn the page

so you can move onto a new chapter”

Luckily for me, I have some super organised friends here, and we managed to squeeze in a very spontaneous trip to the Mula River source – a hidden waterfall, filled with bright green water, tucked away in a tiny cove. For people in the know, this little gem can be found in the small town of Bullas, 53km from Murcia. The town itself was deserted. With a 40 minute trek ahead of us, in 35 degree heat, we braced ourselves for the walk to Mula. Someone pass me a fan, will you?

Soon, visitors will be charged for entering this delightful cove, but as luck would have it, we managed to get in for free – jammy or what? In summer months, tourists are advised to reserve well in advance as there’s a max of 100 people allowed each day – having spent the day there, I can see why.

By the time we arrived at the cove itself, we looked down from above, towards it’s cool, clear water which looked pretty inviting… we just had to figure out how to make it down there first! We followed the sign that directs visitors to a path and set of steps that lead you to down to the water. Just a lil tip – be prepared for a couple of stumbles over these huge, rugged rocks, but once you do finally make it, you can’t help but stare at such a beautful sight, I hope my pics give some idea of how spectacular this place is.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if all days could be spent like this? Exploring new places and relaxing with friends and family … the dream ay!! The only thing we were missing were some ham & cheese toasties and a nice glass of prosecco to top the day off. Or, one of my fave tapas – Spanish Omellette, great for picnics.

Adios amigos,

Elizabeth xx