Anglesey … what a place

There’s something about the Anglesey air. That first breath when I step out of the car. Never gets old. I really miss this place when I’m away from it for too long, and although  it’s only a couple of hours up the A55, then across the Menai Bridge to the island itself,  I don’t get there as often as I’d like. So two nights here in Benllech last month were just what I needed after a hectic year teaching English in Southern Spain.

“Time to


Me and Anglesey go back a long way, with lots of my childhood memories filled with school days – spent anticipating the weekend ahead, when we’d pack up the car, cross the Runcorn bridge and head straight for our 28ft Willerby caravan in Liigwy. Then, things changed – my dad was offered a job to manage the Caravan Park, meaning a permanent move for him, and a new second home for me!

Endless days of walking to Lligwy beach with friends, taking the short cut through the local farm which leads to a narrow, winding country road, then finally uphill, heading towards the spectacular PANORAMIC view of the Irish Sea. If we were up to it, we’d take in a chunk of the Anglesey Coastal path from Lligwy Bay to Moelfre, finishing off on the tiny pebbled beach before grabbing some fresh fish and chips and an ice cream. Those were the days ey…

But fast forward ten years – with no caravan now and dad firmly ensconced in Villa Martin, Spain (I’m not complaining, honest!) trips to Anglesey are few and far between – however, I’ve got a feeling this £25 a night gaff will change that…

Courtesy of  Airbnb, we reached The Whin’s, our pad for the next two nights, after a short drive from the centre of Benllech. At the end of a lane that curves back and forth, excitement was building… Who else loves all the feels of the unknown –  just before you make it to your holiday destination?

Whether it’s a full-on holiday or a simple break away, my stomach always has a

” butterfly


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fluttering away as I near my hotel or apartment, or, in this case, The Whin’s.

Seriously though, despite visiting Anglesey my whole life, I can’t believe I’ve not come across this little gem, but having said that, it’s hidden away in a wonderfully secluded spot, just off the main road that passes through the town. Perfect or what?  CENTRAL yet SECLUDED, now that’s what I call a WIN ….

As soon as we arrived, we were keen to introduce ourselves to our host, but as she wasn’t around, we helped ourselves to the key, settled ourselves into our spacious accomodation – FAB by the way, with everything you might need for a short stay, then took the opportunity to have a cheeky reconnoitre outdoors.

This place.  This garden.  MAGICAL

Now to say that both of us, Mum in particular, were in Heaven, is an understatement. The garden, on two or 3 different levels – you’d have to experience it to appreciate what I mean – has a path leading down to the lowest part, and is surrounded on all sides by flowers and shrubs and trees, all in their glorious, sunlit abundance.

A  pergola festooned with old pink roses made Mum’s heart beat a little, faster, I could tell, as did an old wooden bench with daisies poking through it’s sides – a photographer’s dream and perfect for her first ever amateur photo shoot – this place, chosen for it’s garden setting, wasn’t going to disappoint – but, it was as we made our way downwards towards the sunken part of the garden, that the magic really started to work it’s charm.  Because as we wended our way, we found ourselves on the edge  of an old chalk quarry, which, wait for it,  you reached via the



wooden bridges”

Hold on for dear life! Really, though, did we want to chance crossing it and  joining those carp in the pond below? Absolutely no worries there – like all things of a certain age and vintage – or so my Mum says, wink wink, this weathered looking bridge was built to last, and we crossed it in full certainty that it would carry us safely across to the wrought iron table and chairs beyond – and a setting, perfect for a cafetiere of coffee and the croissants we’d saved from breakfast.

What more can I say about this beautiful little spot in Benllech on the Isle of Anglesey?  If you appreciate the quirky and more importantly, the beautiful, you’ll simply adore the riches that are on show in this garden – in fact I managed to snaffle one of the last bookings for my Mum in late August.

Well, that’s my last little jaunt away for a while I think, but I’d love to find out about any nearby Airbnbs or quirky spots that people recommend for a little break, so tata for now and thanks for passing by.




  1. Dad says:

    A wonderful description of one of my favourite places in the world written by my wonderful daughter. Thank you. Xx

    1. Madge's Gaff says:

      Good memories ey dad! xx

  2. Lisa says:

    💕💕 love this! Looks gorgeous x

  3. Steph says:

    Aw looks so lovely. I’ve not been to Anglesey since I was very small, I could definitely afford a trip back if I stayed here!

    1. Madge's Gaff says:

      Wonderful place isn’t it, and the owners are a delight too!

  4. Charlie says:

    Looks beautiful! We live pretty close so need to go there and explore!

    1. Madge's Gaff says:

      Do you! Aye it’s 100% worth making the trip

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