Re-vamp those old wardrobe pieces – Introducing ROOT AROUND

Alright gang,
Having just spent a fab time in Chester with my boyfriend, taking in two great days at the Races and returning home to Liverpool a few pounds lighter (not in weight!) I’m starting to feel that Summer’s on its way out and we’re making way for the cooler days and darker nights of AUTUMN. Who’s with me?

I hadn’t planned on writing this blog, thinking an Instagram post would suffice, but at the moment, I’m between jobs and money’s a little tight, so with a new season just around the corner, the contents of my wardrobe are occupying my thoughts more than usual – in fact it’s amazing how my current lack of funds is spurring me on to look at things with a new, more critical eye. Hence, my self- imposed ROOT AROUND challenge.

To appreciate this post, I thought it would be useful to include one of the definitions of “Root”. Thanks Oxford Dictionary, you’re always there when I need you –

Root – To search unsystematically through an untidy mass or area; to rummage

Now, for those of you reading this, you may have noticed that I’ve put certain words in italics – this is no accident. If these words hit a nerve, as they do with me, then it’s probably because they’re a little





And this may be why.

Having just turned 25 and spent much of my time since graduating, travelling far and wide, I still have something of the student mind-set when it comes to keeping my bedroom tidy – that is – life’s too short to spend putting clothes on hangers when there’s a bottle of Prosecco to be drunk somewhere, and if something falls to the bottom of the wardrobe, no problemo, it can easily be retrieved at a later date.

However, there comes a point when even I am forced to give my room a tidy and rediscover items of clothes that have been hidden from view, and long forgotten about. Not even exaggerating – since my move back home to Liverpool, I’ve filled 5 bin bags worth of clothes, yet much of what’s left occupying that precious wardrobe space, are pieces I’ve worn only once, twice, or




Who sees a bargain and just has to bag it? An IMPULSE buy of the highest order. Then, once home, it’s never worn again?! But, something niggles at you during that clear-out, a faint



maybe, that stops you from despatching it to the plastic charity shop bag? Here’s the thing though, with space at a premium, can we really justify keeping these kinds of items when we never wear them?


Yes we can. By “extracting” or “rooting” them out, and putting them together with other pieces to create a banging new look that’s




So, out of all this, my first series of ROOT AROUND was born, which involves taking a piece, tired maybe, old definitely, and re-vamping it – putting it with a more recent purchase, thus bringing the whole shebang right up to date and on trend … or that’s the hope anyway.

Of course, how roadworthy this new ensemble plays out when you venture outdoors and on to the streets, depends on the pieces themselves – after all, no matter how precious that ancient pair of bellbottoms was back in the day, they ain’t going to cut it whatever you pair them with, unless you’re heading off to a 70’s Retro night or the muddy fields of Glasto.

But to breathe new life into something, so many other factors come in to play: shoes, bags, accessories, hairstyle. What’s a girl to do – in fact, even the right pair of statement earrings or a couple of chunky bangles have been known to transform the overall look and vibe of an outfit.


For the launch of my first ROOT  AROUND, I put together a combo comprising a lovely wisp of a dress I picked up from Tu in Sainsburys, about 5 years ago. Dolled up with a pair of colourful courts and a curly blow, I was all set for my Graduation in Leeds.

But five years on and with the slight chill of Autumn in the air, I teamed it up with my black leather jacket from River Island – a 16th birthday present, and the absolute love of my life. A few last minute accessories were thrown on and Mum was ready to snap some pics of me at the top of the road with her new dslr camera.

Was I pleased with the re-vamp? Of course! So much so, I’m already eyeing up a pair of my Mum’s cropped jeans which she maintains are about 15 years old – while thinking of ways to make these look on trend in 2018.

So, keep your eyes peeled for ROOT AROUND numero 2, and in the meantime I ’d love to see any of your revamped clobber on Insta, using the hashtag #rootaround and hey come on… RECYCLING is cool.

Thanks for having a read and get rooting!!
Elizabeth x



  1. Lynn Dalrymple says:

    When you are young and stunningly beautiful like you Elizabeth, you could wear a black bin bag and look amazing. Love the look and the blog xx

  2. Roberto says:

    I’m in! Done a couple #rootaround over the last few months. Great idea! No one notices if it’s 2 weeks old or 2 years old. Keep it up 😀

  3. Kacie says:

    Love this idea! I do this once in a while, but should make the effort more often. Love that jacket!

  4. Kim says:

    I really love this idea and will have to do my own #rootaround my own wardrobe. I bet there’s some gems in there I’ve long forgotten about.
    Kim |

  5. cath says:

    From your definition of ‘root’, it sounds like you’ve seen the inside of my wardrobe. I only wish it had as much potential for style as yours does. I tend to opt for tidy, as being more manageable, but maybe it’s time to swop a few combinations around. Good post.

  6. cath says:

    I have a feeling you’ve seen the inside of my wardrobe, what else could your definition of ‘Root’ be referring to? If only I had your style, instead I aim for tidy. Though I’m inspired now to think about swapping around a few longstanding pairings, to see if I can shake myself up.

    Nice post. Lovely pictures. Sorry to hear you’ve blown your spare cash on horses and wild living, but sometimes that works out in the end, and this has generated a lovely post.

    1. Madge's Gaff says:

      Haha!Thank you so much. Mum despairs of coming into my bedroom most of the time even though I think I’m getting a little better as time goes by – when I declared a particular black skirt ‘missing’ she took spectacular umbrage, hence the rootaround! Seriously though,it’s amazing how I’ve breathed new life into some old thing. Good luck with your own efforts! Elizabeth x

  7. Hannah says:

    I will be sure to try these recipes! Thank ypu x x x

    1. Madge's Gaff says:

      You’ll deffo love the mac’n cheese!xx

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