Welcome to ‘A Mother and Daughter’s Snippets’ ~ a Blog where we share our foodie shenanigans and other little tidbits!

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Mary and Elizabeth x

I’m Mary, one half of  ‘A Mother and Daughter’s Snippets’  and a primary school teacher who loves to cook simple, rustic food in her kitchen in Liverpool.

One of nine children growing up in a traditional Irish household, the kitchen was at the heart of family life ~ and  my goal has always been to cook as well as my mother and father ~ I’ve yet to reach it! Many thanks for dropping by x

Pssst! I’m also Mary (aka Madge) of Madge’s gaff secret supperclub, Liverpool.

I’m Elizabeth, the other half of Snippets – sharing some of my adventures so far and anything interesting I happen to come across. I’m currently teaching English in Murcia, Spain, and with that, taking advantage of the local Tapas food, which I’m sure you’ll be hearing about at some point.

So, here’s to our new little venture, who knows how it’ll turn out, but let’s give it a go!

Elizabeth xx